"Shahrood University of Technology Personalized Search Engine" (SHUT-PSE)

PSESHUT-PSE is a meta search engine that ranks results based on users interests. In this search engine, for being acquaint with the user, the history of users  are stored as extracted keywords from the pages that user clicked to see. Furthermore, search queries of users are maintained as indicators of their search trend. On the other hand, the profile information of a users are exploited as explicit user interests. Integrating these information together, SHUT-PSE try to re-ranking relevant documents to improve results performance.

I developed SHUT-PSE as my BSc final project (thesis) and Yaser was my  partner in this project.

We have a  published paper in Farsi on how SHUT-PSE works:

  • H. Hassanpour, Mostafa Dehghani, and Y. Keneshloo, "Personalizing Search Engine Results Based on User Behavior", In proceedings of The Iran Data Mining Conference (IDMC’04), 2010.

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