Applience for Xamin

Xamin is a virtualization solution that simulates hardware resources as a server to provide and manage some services. Xamin appliances are server side preconfigured and easily installable software which improve server functionalities. There are many appliances developed for Xamin. We have started designing and developing five appliances based on existing open-source tools for Xamin. These appliances […]

Data Analysis: Help-Desk System, University of Tehran

I have started working on a project which aims to develop a business intelligence tool that manages data of Information Technology Services Support System (Help-Desk) of University of Tehran. This project is offered by The Center of Information Technology and Cyberspace (CITC), University of Tehran. Generally, the purpose of the project is to organize data and […]

Building a Domain-Based Persian-English Comparable Corpus

This project is one of the Persian Corpus Creation projects in the IIS Lab, University of Tehran. Comparable corpora have been identified as a key resource for obtaining translation knowledge. Domain specificity of available comparable corpora, demands more attentions to create multi-domain corpora. This project seeks to construct a Persian-English comparable corpus using Web data, based […]

Information Diffusion Analysis in Persian News Agancies Data

I am working on a project that aims to design and develop semi-automatic engines for analyzing social network. This project is offered by UT Social Network Lab. One of the main aims of this project is to provide a tool for investigating the mechanisms of information diffusion across the web, especially Persian news agencies data.  In loose terms, in […]