Information Diffusion Analysis in Persian News Agancies Data

I am working on a project that aims to design and develop semi-automatic engines for analyzing social network. This project is offered by UT Social Network Lab.

W3C_SocialNetworkOne of the main aims of this project is to provide a tool for investigating the mechanisms of information diffusion across the web, especially Persian news agencies data.  In loose terms, in this project, cascades of information are extracted through clustering the pure text of web pages. Then, regarding the extracted cascades and published time of each post in the web pages, using NetInf, diffusion network of websites is extracted. The inferred network could be useful in order of performing some analysis like detecting most influential websites in the Web. This system is also evaluated on Twitter data which has led to some interesting results.

I am the head of information diffusion analysis team and I work with Hasan Nasr Esfahani and Hosein Azarbonyad. We are going to release the developed system as a plugin for Gephi, which is called "DiffAna".