A little bit about me...

I am Mostafa... (مصطفا in Persian script). But almost everybody calls me "Mosi"... apparently "Mostafa" is too long!

Ummm....I am currently myage seconds old. I was born on May 5th, in Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. (Here is a stunning animation on the art of architecture in my beautiful homeland, Isfahan!)

Right now, I live with Samira, my better half. She is also a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam and she is working on cognitively plausible deep learning models.

Samira and I live in Amsterdam. We have a long-term resolution and it is to buy a Rubicon to travel the world seeking adventure.  We are really serious about it!

I am not a professional designer but I sometimes design some stuff like thesis covers, bookmarks, logos. You can see some of them here.

What else...? Ummm...

Huh... Samira has bought me a Canon EOS 70D and I occasionally take some photos: