Alecsa: Attentive Learning for Email Categorization using Structural Aspects

Our paper "Alecsa: Attentive Learning for Email Categorization using Structural Aspects", with Azadeh Shakery, and Maryam S. Mirian, has been published at the Knowledge-Based Systems Journal. \o/ Due to the enormous volume of email data generated each day, email management has become a vital area of research. Among the email management tasks, automatic email categorization […]

Email Datasets

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of my proposed conversation thread reconstruction method on multilingual emails, as a part of my Master thesis, I created some datasets. Here are brief descriptions of the created datasets and links for downloading them: The ConThread-BC3 Corpus Description: The ConThread-BC3 Corpus is a special preparation of a portion W3C corpus that […]

Mixed-Language and Multilingual Document Processing

Mixed-language and multilingual text information are rapidly growing on the Web. Processing this type of data poses additional challenges compared to monolingual information. As a part of my MSc thesis, Email Management in Multilingual Environments, I focused on finding an efficient way for measuring mixed-language and multilingual document similarity. In order to process multilingual emails, we […]