Alecsa: Attentive Learning for Email Categorization using Structural Aspects

Our paper “Alecsa: Attentive Learning for Email Categorization using Structural Aspects”, with Azadeh Shakery, and Maryam S. Mirian, has been published at the Knowledge-Based Systems Journal. \o/ Due to the enormous volume of email data generated each day, email management has become a vital area of research. Among the email management tasks, automatic email categorization […]

Email Management in Multilingual Environments

Today, Email has become one of the most prevalent communication media that allows people to exchange information. The ease of this communication has led to producing a large volume of emails that causes a problem termed “Email Overloading“. Nowadays, solving the email overloading problem is pressingly urgent and “Email Management” has emerged as a new […]

Email Datasets

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of my proposed conversation thread reconstruction method on multilingual emails, as a part of my Master thesis, I created some datasets. Here are brief descriptions of the created datasets and links for downloading them: The ConThread-BC3 Corpus Description: The ConThread-BC3 Corpus is a special preparation of a portion W3C corpus that […]

Mixed-Language and Multilingual Document Processing

Mixed-language and multilingual text information are rapidly growing on the Web. Processing this type of data poses additional challenges compared to monolingual information. As a part of my MSc thesis, Email Management in Multilingual Environments, I focused on finding an efficient way for measuring mixed-language and multilingual document similarity. In order to process multilingual emails, we […]