I am Mostafa, a research scientist at Google Brain. Playing with machine learning models for solving problems that require artificial general intelligence is my current obsession!

At Google, I mostly do research on scaling up attention-based models for vision and language, but I also many other cool engineering and research projects.

Before Google, I was at the University of Amsterdam, doing a PhD . During my PhD, I was working on the problem of the poverty of stimulus for learning algorithms. In other words, my focus was improving the learning process of neural networks, when they are presented with imperfect supervision, like situations where you train your model with noisy or/and limited training data. Before the University of Amsterdam, I was a student at the University of Tehran.

Here is a list of honors and awards that I have received.

Here is some random stuff about me, if you wanna know what else I do.

...by the way, you can contact me via my Gmail address.